Eino Roiha

Eino Roiha (1904 – 1955) worked in Teacher Education at the University of Jyväskylä and later as a music lecturer at the Pedagogical School for Higher Education from 1930 – 1948. He also conducted research and composed in addition to giving piano recitals, conducting and leading choirs. The subject of his doctoral dissertation, written in German (University of Helsinki, 1941), was a form analysis of Sibelius’ symphonies.

After his years in Jyväskylä, he and his family moved to Helsinki, where he, among other things, continued his career as a pianist, and his composition, teaching, and research work as a docent at the University of Helsinki.

Roiha’s interest lay specifically in music psychology and – education. In the 1940s, he published an extensive music psychology textbook in Finnish and thus created a foundation upon which teaching and research of music psychology in Finland is based.

Eino Roiha’s daughter, Leena-Maija Alho, shed light on Eino’s vocational and public activities, and highlighted - in the writing of her book - his role as the secure and responsible head of the Roiha family in everyday life.